Industrial & Manufacturing companies: 3D National Service Provider

Transform manufacturing operations with cutting-edge 3D digital twins.

Xuguz's innovative Digital Twins’ creation is revolutionizing the manufacturing sector, simplifying training and facility management while expediting the factory planning process. Experience tangible outcomes at every phase of implementation.

Here are some of the benefits of applying our 3D technology:

Facility 3D Documentation and Management: Industrial companies can use 3D scanning to create accurate Digital Twins of their facilities, allowing for detailed documentation of equipment, layouts, and structures. This aids in efficient facility management, maintenance, and future expansions or modifications.

Asset Management and Inventory Control: 3D scanning helps in creating comprehensive inventories of industrial assets, enabling better tracking, management, and maintenance scheduling. It also assists in identifying spare part requirements accurately.

Remote Collaboration and Decision-Making: Enable remote access to 3D models for stakeholders or experts, allowing them to collaborate, troubleshoot, or make decisions without needing to be physically present on-site.

Documentation for Compliance, Regulations and Insurance claims: Accurate 3D documentation aids in compliance with safety and regulatory standards, providing detailed records of equipment, layouts, and safety measures.

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