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Restoration contractors and insurance adjusters can now bid farewell to the tedious process of manually measuring and sketching properties to assess property loss and estimate repair costs. Xuguz delivers an accurate Xactimate-compatible file (.SKX) swiftly, after performing the 3D scan of the damaged property.

Accurate Damage Assessment:

Digital Twins and 3D Virtual Tours provide detailed and precise data on damaged properties, enabling restoration contractors and adjusters to assess the extent of damage more accurately.

This facilitates better planning and estimation of restoration efforts and costs. Xactimate is the perfect tool for the industry, and we can help to make it more cost and time effective.

3D Insurance Claim Example
Xactimate Insurance
Efficient Estimation and Quoting:

With accurate measurements and 3D models of damaged properties, restoration contractors can create more precise estimates and quotes for repair work. This improves transparency and trust with insurance adjusters and policyholders.


Faster Claim Processing:

Digital Twins and 3D Virtual Tours streamline the claims process for adjusters by providing comprehensive visual documentation of property damage. Adjusters can review detailed 3D models and data remotely, expediting claim assessments and settlements. With Xuguz certifications, restoration contractors and adjusters can integrate the cost of this service into the claim itself, making it 100% deductible.

Evidence for Claims Validation:

Reality capture data serves as valuable evidence to validate insurance claims. Restoration contractors can capture the condition of properties before and after restoration, providing visual documentation to support claim settlements.

Remote Collaboration:

Digital Twins enables remote collaboration between restoration contractors, adjusters, and policyholders. Contractors can share 3D models and data with adjusters for virtual inspections and consultations, reducing the need for physical site visits.

Enhanced Communication:

Detailed visualizations and 3D models generated through reality capture technologies improve communication between restoration contractors, adjusters, and policyholders. Contractors can effectively convey the scope of work and restoration plans, fostering better understanding and agreement.

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TrueSketches are SKX files that you can easily import into Xactimate™. With these files, you no longer have to measure and manually sketch losses. This saves you valuable time so you can process insurance claims faster and more accurately.

Take a look at the tour below that was used to create the TrueSketch

Matterport 3D Walkthrough

3D walkthroughs provide accurate, easy-to-use documentation that can serve as a single source of truth from initial policy decisions through claims handling.

Matterport's 3D data platform provides the most comprehensive, accurate, and efficient loss documentation for insurance professionals.

Reduce time spent processing claims and rectifying discrepancies with Matterport's comprehensive 3D imagery and the ability to add additional notes and details with Mattertags™.

The following images show a sample TrueSketch and TrueSketch PLUS created from the exact same Matterport space. Depending on how you plan to use the SKX file, these differences may or may not be important to you. These files go directly into Xactimate.


TS Back

TrueSketch PLUS


Notice the extra high ceiling of the living room in the foreground and the tray ceilings throughout.

TS Plus Front

Notice the thickness of the curved walls and the arched window above the door to the stairs.

TS Left Wing
TS Plus Left Wing

 Notice the windows - default (left) vs as-built (right) and the windows above the doors.

TS Top View
TS Plus Top View

Plan View is fairly similar for this space, except for deviations in wall thickness.

Download a Sample TrueSketch or TrueSketch PLUS

Download a Sample TrueSketch or TrueSketch PLUS


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