Heritage Sites and Museums: the next frontier on museography project administration and visitors experience

At Xuguz, we specialize in Leveraging Cutting-Edge Reality Capture Technologies to preserve, Enhance, and Showcase the rich History and Cultural Heritage of Museums and Heritage Sites. Our innovative solutions empower museums and heritage organizations to create Immersive Digital Experiences, preserve Artifacts, and engage Audiences like never before.

Here are some of the benefits of applying our Reality Capture Technologies:

Virtual Tours for Remote Visitors (ADA Compliance):

Provide a comprehensive 3D Virtual Tour and experience for remote visitors, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility in line with ADA compliance. This benefit allows individuals who may not physically visit the museum or heritage site to explore its exhibits, fostering a more inclusive cultural experience.


Temporary Exhibitions Memory:

Capture and retain the essence of temporary exhibitions through Digital Twins. This benefit allows museums to extend the life and impact of time-limited displays, reaching a broader audience even after the physical exhibition has ended. It acts as a digital archive for these temporary exhibits.

Museography Documentation and Preservation:

Create detailed documentation of museography, preserving the arrangement and context of artifacts within the space. This documentation not only serves as a historical record but also aids in the preservation of the curator's intended narrative and presentation, ensuring the cultural significance is accurately conveyed.

Efficient Layout Planning:

Streamline the process of planning and designing exhibit layouts with Reality Capture Technologies. This benefit enhances efficiency in arranging artifacts, optimizing space utilization, and experimenting with different configurations before implementation. It contributes to a more thoughtful and effective presentation of cultural heritage.

Accurate 3D Space Models:

Generate precise and detailed 3D models of the museum or heritage site, ensuring accuracy in spatial representation. This benefit is crucial for architects, curators, and educators to visualize and analyze the space, facilitating informed decision-making, and contributing to the overall preservation and planning efforts.

Remote Collaboration with Experts vs Site Visits:

Enable experts and stakeholders to collaborate remotely on projects without the need for physical site visits. This benefit not only saves time and resources but also allows for the expertise of individuals from different locations to be leveraged efficiently. It promotes collaboration among professionals without geographical constraints.

Capability to Use 3D Model for AR Interior Guides on Mobile Apps:

Extend the utility of the 3D model by integrating it into mobile applications for augmented reality (AR) interior guides. This benefit enhances the visitor experience by providing interactive and informative guides, enriching their understanding of the exhibits and historical context through a personalized and immersive mobile experience.

Enhanced Educational Outreach Programs:

Utilize the 3D models and virtual tours as educational tools to enhance outreach programs. This benefit allows museums and heritage organizations to extend their educational impact beyond physical visits.

Museo de Historia Mexicana

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the Museo de Historia Mexicana with our Matterport technologies.

Our real tour transcends traditional boundaries, offering an interactive exploration of this cultural treasure in Monterrey, Mexico.

With Matterport, we transform museum visits by providing a detailed 3D tour, preserving temporary exhibitions, and helping the museum itself to streamline  their layout planning.

Join us in redefining cultural discovery at Museo de Historia Mexicana!

Here are more examples: https://xuguz.us/tour/3Museos

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